Civil War and Reconstruction

After The Battle - Harold J. Bartlett

After the Battle of Stones River in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Union soldier Harold J. Bartlett wrote:

This war is a terrible thing.  I did not think as much about it or the danger we were in at the time of the battle as I have since.  Now when I take a look back to that field of blood & suffering it starts the cold chills all over me & I wonder what has hardened me so.

 I rode over that field.  Saw hundreds, yes, I might say thousands of poor souls mangled & torn to pieces in every form.  One thing my attention was particularly drawn to, that was the many young innocent boys among the Rebbel dead & wounded.  I saw one smart, intelligent looking…fellow that had been shot through the head & had taken a little hankerchief that perhaps a kind sister or mother had placed there and had put on the wound to stop the blood, but could not.  He lay with his little hands folded on his breast.


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