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William Franklin Lyell

From Medal of Honor citation:

When his platoon leader was killed, Corporal Lyell assumed command and led his unit in an assault on strongly fortified enemy positions located on commanding terrain. When his platoon came under vicious, raking fire which halted the forward movement, Corporal Lyell seized a recoilless rifle and moved ahead to a suitable firing position from which he delivered deadly accurate fire completely destroying an enemy bunker. He then returned to his platoon and was resuming the assault when the unit was again subjected to intense hostile fire from two other bunkers. Armed with grenades Corporal Lyell charged forward hurling grenades into one of the enemy emplacements, and although painfully wounded in this action he pressed on destroying the bunker and killing six of the foe. He then continued his attack against a third enemy position, throwing grenades as he ran forward, annihilating four enemy soldiers. He then led his platoon to the north slope of the hill from which effective fire was delivered against the enemy in support of friendly troops moving up. Fearlessly exposing himself to enemy fire, he continuously moved about directing and encouraging his men until he was mortally wounded by enemy mortar fire.

Picture Credits:
  • Photograph of Corporal William F. Lyell, Medal of Honor Recipient from Hickman County, Tennessee. Photo courtesy of

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