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Read about how teenagers had fun

Teenagers had fun in many of the same ways their parents did in earlier years.  They listened to music, went places with their friends, watched television, and went to movies.  With technological advances, they could also surf the internet and play video games.

An informal survey of Tennesseans who were teenagers during the 1990s and 2000s indicates that “hanging out” seemed to be the primary form of entertainment. Teenagers hung out in parking lots for hours, talking to each other. “We always seemed to be in the Home Depot parking lot waiting for the person to show up who knew where a party was,” explained one former Franklin teen.
Others hung out at coffee houses, restaurants, the mall, or in parks. “Expensive coffee had just become the fad [in the 1990s in Nashville], so we would go to Bongo Java, buy a $5 cup of coffee, and sit there and talk for a couple of hours,” another woman explained. 
While some restaurants would discourage teenagers from sitting at tables for hours, others didn’t seem to mind. “We would go to Waffle House, buy coffee and a sandwich, and then sit for two hours. When we finally left, we might stand out in the parking lot talking,” according to a former Nashville teen. When asked what they talked about, she said “I have no idea how we could talk that long.”
Teenagers also went to movies, concerts, high school events, bowling alleys, and parties. In Nashville they went to Dancin’ In The District, a weekly concert series during the summer in Riverfront Park. The city also had free summer concerts at Centennial Park and the Red Caboose Amphitheater.
One of the more popular activities for teenagers during this time was Ultimate Frisbee. It is like a touch football game except players use a Frisbee instead of a football. Most played the game at parks or outside of school. However, University School of Nashville fielded an Ultimate Frisbee team and won the Junior Nationals tournament in 2001.

Picture Credits:
  • Photograph showing an ultimate frisbee game. This photo was taken in 2003. Photo by Shawn Adams, University of Tennessee.
  • Photograph showing two girls rollerblading. This photo was taken in 2009 in Spring Hill, Tennessee by photographer “amsd2dth.” It shows the two girls holding hands and rollerblading down a street.
  • Photograph showing a group of teenagers hanging out. This photo was taken in 2005 in Nashville and provided by First Baptist Church. It shows teens at the Youth Evangelism Conference talking to one another.
  • Photograph showing people talking with friends. This photo was taken in Memphis, in 2007 and provided by the Rainforest Action Network. It shows three friends conversing during the Dream Reborn conference on the environment and civil rights.
  • Photograph of UT Women’s Ultimate frisbee players. This photo was taken in 2001. University of Tennessee.
  • Photograph of a teenage boy skateboarding. This photo was taken in 2008 in Kingsport, Tennessee by photographer “LstCaress.” Several other teenagers can be seen in the background.

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