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“I can inform you that in the year of 1768, in the fall Myself together with Abraham Bledsoe, Isaac Bledsoe, John Baker, Joseph Drake, Obediah Terril, Uriah Stone, Henry Smith, and Ned Carven and others came to the place now called Prices Settlement, on Cumberland River, where Wayne court house now stands, for the purpose of hunting & exploring the Country; where we remained until the Spring 69, then some of the party returned to the settlements; but myself with Uriah Stone, John Baker, Thos. Gordon, Humphrey Hogan, Cash Brooks & others, 10 in all, built 2 boats & 2 trapping canoes and loaded them with furs and bear meat together with a defeated boat we found…
…Started down the river fair as where Nashville now Stands, we dis-cover-ed the french lick, there I saw then greatest number of buffaloe and wild game that I ever beheld in all my life at one place, the lick & all the old fields were crowded with them, all the elements resounded and were filled with their bellowing. We killed a number to get their hides to -cover- our boats, there we dis-cover-ed a Stockade garrison on the mount, which we supposed to be built by the Cherokee Indians in their retreat from the Chickasaw old fields who had been defeated by the Chickasaw; another was dis-cover-ed on camp fork and one Big Harpeth.”
From the John Haywood Papers, Tennessee State Library and Archives

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