Go on a field trip

Many museums in Tennessee have displays of prehistoric and historic artifacts.  This is a list of some that might be a good field trip for your class to take.

  • Plan a field trip to the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville.  Ask for a guided tour of the "First Tennesseans" exhibit.  This tour highlights artifacts from prehistoric Tennessee sites including tools that would have been used by men and women.  Go to the field trip request form here
  • Plan a field trip to the Gray Fossel Museum and Dig Site at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City.  Information about reservations can be found here.  
  • Visit the Frank H. McClung Museum in Knoxville.  For tour information, click here
  • The Pink Palace Museum in Memphis has a section on First Americans.  For information, click here.  
  • Viist the Sequoyah Birthplace Museum at Vonore (in Monroe County).  Click here for more information.